Carpenter bees get hungry and your wood is on the menu.

Wood Destroying Insects come in all shapes and sizes and we look for them all! Whether it's carpenter bees, carpenter ants or just good ol' termites, they leave signs that show that they have been over to your place for lunch or maybe even dinner. Here you will see a few photos of what damage can be done to your home, if our many friends come for a visit. They are very good at hide & seek, but Russ loves the game and usually finds the evidence they have left behind! Wood Destroying Insects often have friends helping them gain entrance. You know a few of them best as dampness and wood rot. We look for it all and leave a detailed notation of what we've uncovered. Rest assured, we will find anything hiding in your wood.

Yellow Jackets are a force to be reckoned with and avoided at all costs!

Carpenter bees destroy your beautiful home.