While we are fighting the invisible enemy, we may be asked to Stay At Home. While this may very well be a great time for bonding with the kiddos, puppies, or kitties or a great time to get to better know your significant other, we may also be inviting another invisible enemy into our lives. RADON.

Although RADON is already in the air we breathe, it is not necessarily all that dangerous, per se. As we go about our lives and are in and out of our homes we typically are not shut indoors for an undetermined period of time.

However, as the Stay At Home orders come & go we need to rethink the air we breathe. Is you home one of the homes in Ohio that have a high RADON content? It is estimated that one out of every two homes in the state of Ohio has a RADON level higher than the EPA deems as safe.

While RADON is the second leading cause of lung cancer next to cigarette smoking, we are here to help keep this particular enemy out of your home. Since the Coronavirus has kept many of us at home and at a higher risk for RADON poisoning, let's stomp out both invisible enemies together!

We are offering a $19savings while we are dealing with this horrible pandemic. Please make sure to request the COVID discount when calling.

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